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I am sincere hard working in managing Gynaec and Obstetrics with good organizing and communication skills. My forte is to deal with gynaec laproscopy. I have good acumen to learn recent advances and in resolving problems. I take pride in having good judgment and the ability to make difficult, timely but effective decisions along with my team. Having skills of obstetrician and deals with high risk pregnancies. I Was Corporate speaker for MSD India for HPV vaccination awareness
Trained with European guidlines for level 3 advanced laproscopic surgeries ; lap myomectomy, lap hysterectomy, lap adhesiolysis, lap excision of endometrioma, lap ovarian cyst excision, lap sacropexy and vault suspension surgeries, lap oopherectomy.

Our Work

Routine maternity and surgical work done independently by me:

• Normal and instrumental vaginal deliveries.
• Caesarean sections for all indications
• Abdominal and vaginal hysterectomies
• Tubal surgeries
• Cervical Cerclage
• Exploratory Laparotomies
• High risk pregnancy care workup and antenatal management
• Baseline infertility workup including ovulation studies and IUI
• First trimester and Gynaecology endovaginal sonography
• Family planning clinics including IUD insertions, minilap and scopic tubal ligations
• Diagnostic and operative
• laproscopic surgeries and hysteroscopic surgeries
• Trans obturator tape surgeries for treatment of SUI.
• Fertility protocols involve hormonal assays.

Water Birth Delivery
Laparoscopic Surgeon For Uterus Removal
Laparoscopic Surgeon For Fibroids
Laparoscopic Prolapse Surgery

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Fibroid which gives symptoms, needs to be treated laproscopic myomectomy with preserving uterus is method of choice, when single symptomatic fibroid exsists with significant big size.

Fibroid is hormone dependent benign growth of uteirne musculature. In reprouctive age group with high estrogenic environment, new growth of another fibroid can happen. therefore yearly scan or screening is advised.

For small symptomatic submucous fibroids medical line of treatment for 6 mths can shrink fibroid and menstrual problem can be solved.

Fibroids which are present in the walls of uterus tend to give sever dysmenorrhoea. You need antispasmodic medications. USG screening if shows growth in subsquent years then you can opt for medical or surgical way.

If you have concieved inspite of fibroid  then one should continue pregnancy. Keeping in mind its presence can be challenging at various stages as threatenened abortion, premature labour, obsticle for vaginal delivery and possibility of post partum haemorrhage.

If they have not troubled you so far less likely they will do so on as they shrink after menopause, but if pressure symptoms like urinary frequency or pelvic pain, prolapse is occuring, then you can decide with hysterectomy.