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In year 2007, I came across Ms. Ruth Malik  founder of Birth India and I was introduced with the concept of birthing other than our routine institutional practice.

Then eventually I worked with various midwifes of Birth India and helped patients with hypnobirthing and water birthing.


Concept of hypnobirthing is to take care of labor pains by keeping mother with strong mindset and positivity.

As against to that, in water birthing we provide actual surroundings to ease the lady in labor. Warm water around the distended abdomen helps to ease the repeated contractions and constant backache with a big significance.

Water takes care of sagging abdomen due to gravity hence floating abdomen gives mechanical advantage. Bouncy movements of laboring mother in water helps her in pushing her baby down.

Warm water helps perineum to stretch with less pain and unwanted tears become less and less.

Mother is comparatively in less stressful state, understands Dr�s instructions well, breaths deeper to give her baby maximum oxygenation. Taking away such fear factors helps in her pulse and bp records.

Baby is expelled gently from one water ambience into next, with still intact umbilical cord connection. Baby floats underwater for a while and gets adjusted to new surroundings. Mother then gets her baby back to her shoulder giving baby her body warmth and support, till baby cries healthily.

Thanks to Barbra Harper, who founded water birth and trained this gentle technique of birthing to many midwifes and health providers.

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